Android Parental Controls

Android is the operating system created by Google and running on pretty much any non-Apple smartphone and tablet. Android has a market share of around 70% of mobile devices as of February 2022. Device brands include Google, Samsung, HTC, Huawei and many others. Chromebook laptops also run on Android and can be managed with Android parental controls. Any Android user must have a Gmail account to be able to use the Android device.

Google’s brand for parental control is Family Link.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your Google Family is properly set up as it will make the whole process much easier. It has also the advantages of sharing things like payment methods and cloud storage. Visit to get started.

How to create a Google Child Account

Once your family is properly set up, follow the process below to activate parental controls.

Note 1: the special case of YouTube access is explained here.

Note 2: in Australia, children from age 13 can remove Android supervision however parents will be notified.

The first part needs to be done on the child’s device

Go to settings App and find Parental controls
We need to add the child’s Google account (Gmail) on the device if it’s not already present.
The child’s account is now created on the device
We can now link the parent and child accounts to activate parental control
Initial set up can be done here or on the parent’s device
We’re now finished with the child’s device

The second part needs to be done on the parent’s device. It can be an Apple device.

Open the Family Link app. In the settings sections we can manage Google Play, YouTube, Google Chrome and Google Search. Location tracking can also be set up.
This is where social media sites can be blocked:,,, etc
We can block specific apps or set a time limit

The special case of YouTube

Some parents will want to block entirely YouTube access. This must be done in THREE different places in Family Link:

  1. Block in the Blocked Sites section of Google Chrome
  2. Turn off “Allow app” for the YouTube app
  3. Turn off “Search” function of the Google app. This is because YouTube videos can still be watched WITHIN the Google app. The Google app cannot be deactivated but turning search off effectively renders it useless. It also means that internet searches can only be done on in Chrome. A Chrome shortcut to alleviates this problem.
Content Restrictions Settings > Google Chrome > Manage sites > Blocked and add then head to YouTube and Google App details

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