Control Technology Used In The Home

Do you feel overwhelmed by technology in your own home?

Do you think it's all too hard to try to control what your kids can access on the internet?

Wouldn't it be nice for technology to make your life EASIER and not HARDER?

We're here to help! This site will provide you with free tips and advice to regain control of your connected gadgets.

You will need to invest a bit of time understanding the concepts and make the required changes. Your children will probably scream at you. But it will really be worth it.

Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride 😁

Testimonials 😉


This site is a lifesaver. Now I can control what my kids can access and when. Thanks Home IT for making our lives easier!

Jane D

So useful!

At last some easy tips to get some control on our digital life. It was getting out of hand. Now I look like the nerd in my family!

John D

I hate it

I absolutely hate it. Your site has ruined my social life and I’m cut off the world at 10pm! I’ll get some hacker friends of mine to shut it down 😡

Mary D

I like it now

First I didn’t like being controlled but now I know there are limits that I can’t exceed and I get to play outside! Also this site is full of useful information.

Jack D

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